wordweaverlynn: (madness)
wordweaverlynn ([personal profile] wordweaverlynn) wrote2007-01-17 09:03 pm

Captain Obvious Rides Again

In the past 24 hours, I've realized two things that had a huge impact on me: great big capital-letter Recognitions of facts I'm going to have to integrate into my daily life, self-image, my worldview.

In both cases, the people with whom I discussed these revelations were not surprised at all. I had just announced with great fanfare that water is wet.

So apparently I'm not all that quick on the uptake. What else have I been missing? Feel free to inform me of the simplest, most glaringly obvious facts. I've apparently been wandering around in a daze the last 47 years or so.

ETA Facts about myself or the world. But I do already know that I'm fat.

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