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Friday morning I'll be doing Access stuff. In the evening I may have a Social Media Meetup for people interested in putting a face to the pixels, assuming I can find someone other than me to organize it. (Volunteers? Please? Truly, it's not much work. I am just swamped, especially after having been sick all last week.) Your best bet for hangout time with me is Friday afternoon and night.

Saturday starts bright and early.

9:00-10:15 A.M.
What I Reread and Why

Salon B/C

When many readers start slipping into depression, we compulsively re-read a set of books and series that comfort us. For example, each of these books/series may have a strong female protagonist who, after being misunderstood or rejected by her birth family, goes on to create a new family that understands. Do other people find themselves re-reading certain books or series under specific conditions? What books? What do we gain by this re-reading? Is it different than random re-reading? More generally, what books, or types of books, do we re-read? Are there books that you really enjoyed that you will never again pick up? What do we gain by revisiting a story when we already know the plot?

Moderator: Lynn Kendall

Panelists: Anaea Lay, Jackie Gross, Andrew Clark

At 8PM Saturday, or right after the end of the Unaward Banquet (whichever comes first), we'll be celebrating [personal profile] gramina's fiftieth birthday in the consuite, and YOU are invited. We're providing cake, decorations, and the birthday girl herself.

At 9:30PM, she'll go off filking, while I am doing a Very Special Reading with a couple of other good writers in the Santa Rosa room.

At 11PM, there will be a queer/poly/kinky/sex radicals munch in the hotel bar. Like the reading, this is strictly Legal Adults Only, thanks.

Sunday I will probably be cross-eyed with exhaustion, but I'll plow ahead anyway.

What are you doing at FOGcon? Or instead of FOGcon?
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