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You comment, I give you an age (please tell me how old you are, or risk having to time-travel to find out the answers) and you respond to the meme questions with what applied to you back then, and what's true now.

[personal profile] dorothean gave me 23. I turned 23 in August 1982.

This was a good year.

I lived in:
A tiny apartment in Philadelphia with oil-stained bright orange wall-to-wall carpet. I had my desk in an alcove off the galley kitchen. Through a small and rather crooked window, I could see the Art Museum. The front windows looked out onto 22d Street, just off Spring Garden. At that time, the neighborhood was only just beginning to be gentrified. I lived alone, as I almost always did until my marriage.

The last time I spent much time in the Philadelphia area was the week when I had norovirus after Wiscon. This is a real pity, because I still love Philadelphia.

I drove:
Nothing. I walked everywhere or took a bus or the subway or a SEPTA train. I didn't learn how to drive until the end of 1983.

In addition to a car, I use BART and sometimes MUNI.

I was in a relationship with:
Brian. An economist from LA. Not a long-distance relationship, either. I met him just after he'd moved to the city to take a new job.

Obviously not still together. The relationship ended after more than 3 years when I wanted a commitment and he didn't. I moved to Connecticut to make the severance stick. That's where (after four months) I met Billy; we married a year later.

I feared:
Doing something awful to camera-ready copy.

Home computers changed publishing. Camera-ready copy is no longer insanely expensive and difficult to replace. Hell, most of the time it's a digital file.

I worked at:
Temple University Press. That's where I learned my editing and book production trade.

Now: I still love publishing and would be glad to get a permanent job in it.

I wanted to be:
A writer and editor.

Now: I have the life I want.

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Date: 2013-03-30 04:57 am (UTC)
recessional: an owl cup without a handle with tea inside (Default)
From: [personal profile] recessional
Oh why not. (I'm 28.)

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Date: 2013-03-30 09:06 pm (UTC)
stardreamer: Meez headshot (Default)
From: [personal profile] stardreamer
I love your answers to the last category. Would that we could all be so fortunate!

Oh hell, I'll play. (age 56)

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Date: 2013-04-03 02:36 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] whump
I'll try it too (49.)


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