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How do you make lots more money with no extra effort? Use a male name. On the Internet, nobody knows you have female cooties.

He must be joking, or why I am a humorless feminist. Read the comments. This is still happening.

The lap pillow, because women are just a collection of parts for male comfort and convenience.

PW does racefail. I wonder if they went to press before or after the NY Times did its notorious separate-but-equal gift guide for people of color?

World Wildlife Fund ads commit racefail. NSFW for art nudes elsewhere on site.

[personal profile] karenbynight explains why it's not my duty or my job to teach someone how not to make an ass of themselves.
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So, have you seen CNN lately? And Lou Dobbs spewing poisonous insinuations about whether President Obama has any right to serve?

The story of Obama's birth in Hawaii has been thoroughly investigated and found to be true. He is eligible to be president, and he won the office fair and square. At this point, the birther story is not news. It's propaganda designed to intensify white Americans' uneasiness about race and immigration issues.

So what is it doing on a legitimate news channel? It doesn't belong there. Colorofchange.com has put together a petition to CNN to get Lou Dobbs off the air.

The petition and some links )

The birther campaign is hatemongering in Constitutionalist clothing. It is also bizarrely stupid, since Obama was, in fact, born a citizen of the USA by virtue of his mother's citizenship. Dobbs cannot be dumb enough to actually believe the paranoid theories he is peddling. Either he is discarding journalistic ethics and standards for the sake of ratings, or he is deliberately fomenting hatred for political reasons--or both.

Either motivation would be more at home in the corrupt sensationalism of Fox News. CNN should be better than that.


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